’16 had her ups and downs. I’d like to think I learned something or gleaned a new sense of self and understanding of the universe though sometimes I’m not at all sure that’s true. 

Globally I’ve been watching the larceny of humanity in Aleppo, Syria on Reuters every day for about 6 months now. A visage well beyond my capabilities of intellect or pen. It gives me great respect for human will, and for my own menial wins and losses. 

Personally I have been working my way toward some degree of alcoholic failure for about 25 years, and on February 29th 2016 sobriety found me and stayed for the past ten months or so. My life is a better place to live!

In 2016 my family saw the end of active cancer treatment for my wife and a move toward health and appreciating all that comes with it. 

My mother was in and out of the ER with a collapsed lung, emphysema, and managed to pick up an nice case of c-diff along the way. She nearly died, her spirit has been challenged, and her partner of almost 40 years has passed on. She’s doing better, but we all think of Red daily, and for me I get a little mushy every time.  

Red (11/28/42-6/4/16). My stepfather, detective, screenwriter, pet store partner, saloon owner, professional ball player, lover of Doo-Wop, and humorist. 

2016 was a tumultuous year across the board. For my part in 2017 I’ll be looking for little gems throughout the day and will try to capture them as a reminder to myself that there are beautiful moments to be had, hope in the details and love all around us; there to see if only we remember to look.

Image by Iggy Mcdonald:  http://www.iggymcdonald.com/

Image by Iggy Mcdonald: http://www.iggymcdonald.com/

The Fort Apache Bronx

*RED, AKA:The Redman, Thomas Mulhearn, *

I can remember the first time I set foot into that musty apartment. The place where I held court with my own brand of mischief, learned the brilliance of "Victory at Sea", where I tested the regulations of a litter box, had chickenpox, was kidnapped; and ultimately learned something new and different- Red's thirst for knowledge, his unique insight and the love of a father figure- and I would be forever changed for it.  On the 3rd floor above a funeral parlor and a florist in Westchester Square, The Bronx. Red saw something in me that no one including me knew was there or understood. Part Tom Sawyer, part Cool Hand Luke. I miss him so damn much and I'm not ready to let go yet.

I hope I am able to make you proud. I love you big guy!

Bonam Noctem.


2016 ING Weddings~ 


City Lights Studio Photography~Work For Hire~ the 2nd shooter gig:

I have been working with Erica Eichelkraut Zilbauerfor roughly three seasons. 2016 was unique in that we got to travel together, she gave birth to her beautiful second child, and we had a pretty heavy workload together. Erica is a kind, warm, extraordinary woman who has taught me so much about people, the industry, and trust- just from being around her. I have a lot more to learn and welcome '17! Thank You!






the woman behind the man (mostly in front of)

Valerie Ingold, VP @ Commercial Collection Corp. My partner @ ING. Our last wedding of 2016 @ our heroes house! 

Half Way~


Being in my 2nd year as a full time photographer I am reminded constantly by my more veteran peers that “it takes time”. I booked a handful of my own jobs and weddings this year but I find myself mostly working for others as a contractor. It is an honor and a tremendous level of praise to be trusted with someone else’s brand and it is therefore not something that I take lightly. If it sounds somewhat boastful… it is. Here are some of the folks that I have had the privilege to work with so far in 2014:








and soon…http://www.city-lights-studio.com/

Broderick Park

On a day, that is fair.. but bleak in our holiday high time, the doldrums of winter are demanding our attention here in Buffalo saying, " LOOK! It's just the beginning...!!!" Normally I am uninitiated but, I find myself forlorn, uncertain, and somewhat afraid... I woke up late, and a friend of mine had left me a message," not sure what your doing today, but that waterfront, and fog are amazing, get up, get your ass out of bed, and go take some pictures...." And thats what i did.. Thank You Debbie :)